New trends of Guangzhou Prolight sound exhibition

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The 2022 Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition will be closed on 2022-2-28. As an annual industry exhibition, this year's Guangzhou exhibition is affected by the epidemic, but the organizers and major exhibitors, industry associations, media, professional With the concerted efforts of the audience, the exhibition achieved a complete success.


During the four-day exhibition, the 140,000-square-meter exhibition site gathered 14 themed exhibition halls, 1,041 exhibitors gathered together, and 52 seminars and training courses were held concurrently, attracting 52,699 industry visitors and becoming the focus of the whole industry. Focus. Many viewers who could not come to the scene also paid attention to the live news in real time through the live broadcast online. The "HC Live Room" broadcast live broadcast of the exhibition for three consecutive days, and the cumulative number of viewers reached 130,000+, and the comments and interactions responded positively.

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Cross-border integration System integration More intelligent


Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, 5G and transmission, blockchain... In recent years, these terms have been flying all over the industry, and this feeling was even more obvious during the interview at this year's exhibition. Behind the new nouns are vigorous new technologies, new applications, and the changes in industry technologies and applications that they cause, and “making digital work” has always been the core of these changes.


This year, communication conferences and multimedia system solutions occupy the four major exhibition halls of 2.2, 3.2, 4.2, and 5.2. There is one more hall than last year. There are fewer "products" displayed, and "system solutions" continue to increase. Major manufacturers have launched one after another. Audio and video system integration, audio and video all-in-one machine, AI artificial intelligence platform, this is also one of the reasons why the display of immersive experience mentioned in the previous subtitle will increase. This kind of scene + solution display has become a major exhibitor It is a "good heart" for businessmen to show their strength. Such as Harman, Longjian, Yike, etc. have brought the overall solution of the integrated application of various brands and product lines.


The newly introduced projection products in the lighting exhibition area also attracted a lot of attention, showing the market demand brought about by the outbreak of the cultural tourism market. In addition, waterproof lights and fully protective lighting products that can be used in cultural and tourism scenes have attracted the attention of exhibitors. The increase of new light source lamps such as LED and laser has become the key direction for the transformation and upgrading of various lighting, and continues to empower the growing cultural and tourism market demand.

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Online marketing is a trend


This year's Guangzhou exhibition continues the "offline + online" two-wheel drive mode, so that the exhibition is not limited by time and region, and pushes the grand occasion of the exhibition, brand exhibitors and highlight products to professional buyers all over the world.


HC Audio and Lighting Network once again launched a 3-day (February 25 to 27) "Cloud Expo", and specially set up a live broadcast team to broadcast live broadcasts of the exhibition, brand exhibitors and highlight products. The "Huicong Live Room" broadcast live broadcast of the exhibition for three consecutive days, and the cumulative number of viewers reached 130,000+. The comments and interactions responded positively. Many viewers of the live broadcast room praised the live broadcast for realizing their desire to watch the exhibition at home.



Affected by the epidemic this year, some exhibitors at home and abroad were unable to visit the exhibition on site. Live broadcast and online promotion have gradually become one of the mainstream promotion methods. Exhibitors have also joined the ranks of live broadcast to showcase their products and technologies online. To achieve precise drainage and improve the efficiency of the exhibition.


Many viewers who could not be present also turned to online to obtain exhibition information through short videos, live broadcasts, and new media articles. Exhibitors are more often presenting in the form of complementing each other online and offline, and the habit of audiences to watch exhibitions online is gradually developing. It is believed that in the future, online marketing for enterprises will be an inevitable trend.